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We all have a list in our heads of the most beautiful cars of all time, my list is huge as you will see every month. However this car is in my top 5 of all time.

Yes, many people hated this car when it was released in 1991, so what if it didn’t have the promised V12? or the 4 wheel drive and yes the price did spike.
Even to this day people still hate this car, and to be honest I’m not sure why, but you all have to agree that it is beautiful… ridiculously beautiful.

Lets not forget shall we the legacy this car left behind. Jaguar designed this…


The XJ41/2 eight years earlier, which as you can see the XJ200 was based heavily on the XJ41 design. Personally I think that the XJ41 is the most important car in Aston Martins’ history, please bare with me… three years after the Xj220, came the DB7.


Which looks like a hybrid of the XJ41 and the XJ220. Interestingly the DB7 and the XJ220 were made in the same plant in Bloxham.

The DB9/DBS/Rapide/V8 Vantage and the Vanquish. All look like the DB7 and that is why the XJ41 and XJ220 are such important cars, in Astons history.

Yes the XJ41 was the first, but it’s not quite right somehow, I think it’s the c-pillar and rear end, it’s not quite as good looking as the DB7. As for the XJ200? It’s perfection.

(I was tempted to say Purrfection. I didn’t think it would go down well.)
XJ41 pic courtesy of www.aronline.co.uk
DB7 pic courtesy of www.Astonmartin.com


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