New Mini Concept

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It’s the 50th anniversary of the Mini, so what does BMW do? Well they unveil this ugly and hideous concept, a concept which if you ask me will go into production.

The MINI Coupé Concept will be shown publicly at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month alongside the production version of the new Crossover.


Camaro Cabrio


NCE will do a convertible version of your Camaro… conversion price starts at around £8k.

Somehow this company makes money turning, Priuses (What is the plural for Prius?) Dodge Rams and even Range Rovers into questionable convertibles.

It’s bad enough that this company is making rubbish convertibles, it’s even worse when you realise people are buying them.

I could do better with a hacksaw from B&Q.



Hundreds of thousands of young motorists are driving on the roads illegally because they do not have any insurance.

New figures seen exclusively by Newsbeat show more than one in five 17 to 20-year-olds is not covered.

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which represents insurance companies, that means there are 243,000 illegal young drivers.

That is compared with one in every 20 cars nationally.



This makes my blood boil. 

Sam, 22, from Kent got caught driving his 1.2 litre hatchback without insurance when he was 18.

He said: “I was driving without insurance because basically I couldn’t afford it, the cost was too high.

“I knew I should have had it but I also knew I was a good driver and I was safe.”


 BBC News.

A real mans GT2.





Yours for £200k.

Found on Classic Driver.



It would have been cliche of me, to have started this topic with either an E-type or a DB5. That is why I have chosen an MGB.

The MGB is a personal favourite of mine. I fell in love with an Orange GT a few years back.
They were made between 1962-1980.
A word of warning, DO NOT BUY a 1975-6 model, as this is when British Leyland had problems, with the steel strikes. Subsequently they were made out of cheap imported steel. Essentially this was like making the cars out of tin and old yogurt pots… they rusted instantly.

A better reason to avoid  the 1974 onwards cars,  is because it’s the hideous rubber bumper model.

I prefer the GT, which is the coupe version. Which also means you don’t have to worry about a leaky roof.

Having said that, yes a British sports car should be a convertible, but whether it’s the coupe or the convertible, to be honest you can’t get a classic useable car cheaper and the engines and running gear are bulletproof.
The swansong for he MGB was the V8, available in GT variant only.  It looked exactly the same as the GT. Which was obviously powered by the Rover V8. As the block was made out of aluminium, unlike the B-Series engine which was steel.  This made the car lighter than it’s 4 cylinder counterpart.

Amazingly the MGB was still essentially in production well into the 90’s as the RV8. This was a modernised MGB V8, but this time as a roadster only.

Of the number made, most were British racing green, with a few blue and red ones. A majority were exported mainly to Japan, the only real difference is that the Japanese spec has air conditioning. Because of stringent Japanese laws, most of the cars are now being re-imported back into the UK.


Red MGB courtesy of link.

Rubber bumper one courtesy of link.

Orange GT courtesy of link.

RV8 courtesy of link.

Ok, so I stole the title from his holiness that is Clarkson, but it works.

I hate modified cars with a passion, there’s no need and instead of ‘looking individual’… in reality, you look like a cock.

Found this on Ebay.






Looks amazing in the sun or at a petrol station at night.

Erm… ok.

I particularly like the TV screen, especially when he crashes and your knees go straight through it.

Courtesy of Ebay

If you’ve never seen Nitro Circus, think Jackass with engines… and it turned up to 11.