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Very few cars get prettier with age, except the DB7, Jag XJ* and XK  to name a few.

However this is one of the cars which belongs in the other category, were a car starts off beautiful and ends up ungainly, fat and well… almost ugly.
The Alfa Spider, was made between 1966 and 1993, however the ‘proper’ boat-tail style of Spider, was only in production for three years.

The series 1 looked like this, (The wheels aren’t original)

The series 4 ended like this,



I honestly don’t know what Alfa were thinking.

Over the years they added safety bumpers, side skirts and bigger alloys to try and keep the car looking fresh.  But the biggest mistake is the Kamm-tail, ok yes you had a bigger boot… but it’s a sportscar. The Duetto wasn’t the fastest car in the world but it had the looks. So you got more storage space, but does it really matter, when you compromise everything else?

The kamm-tail is one of the worst things to ever happen to car design, even Chris Bangle was less of a disaster.

This is a series 3.


*XJ40 isn’t great.
Series 1 pictures front  rear

The rest of the pictures are from Wikipedia


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