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I maybe pushing my luck here, posting a car which costs £1.3 million… it also needs full re-commisioning.

This is Aston’s first (that we know of) mid-engined car, they had intended to do a limited run of the car, but the new owner of Aston at the time decided to end the program.

The picture at the top is what the car looks like now, but it was bought by a Saudi Prince in 1980 who made the modifications. It originally looked like this…

Many changes have been made during the 17 years that has elapsed from the cars unveiling. The silver over light grey machine in now painted in two tone metallic green, whilst the brown leather of the interior had been replaced by stone leather piped in brown. Other additions to the car include (rather bling) gold plating trim to switches and gear stick, roof mounted stereo, ugly but useful rear view mirrors and a TV showing the rear-view of the car. This picture shows the extent that the doors extend into the sill area to enable easier entry and exit from the low seating position.

Interestingly the car has lost the fuel injection system initially fitted and now has quad Weber carburettors. These are I think of the side draught type and are paired up within the ‘V’ unlike the down draught type fitted in a line down the centre as would be found in a Vantage.

So yes it needs a hell of alot of work doing to it, but it’s worth every penny.

Thanks to AstonMartins for the info of the cars various changes.


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